Artist Statement

“I am just a simple man living and enjoying myself in my world of images, imagination and utopia.” Phillips  Nzekwe.

My art is an amalgamation of my convergent world views and experience. They represent simplified visual narratives of complicated stories of neglect for fundamental human right and rule of law, by government and individuals who distort democratic processes and neglect the environment. These ills have affected life in recent times evoking personal soliloquies and ruminations from within. I hereby use my art as an escape device from the harsh realities of thereby creating utopia of what I perceive as ideal.


As a Creative, I believe that art is life. Life in the 21st century basically entails freedom and so, I express freedom in my choice of materials, forms and artistic expression. Although I work with available materials, my creativity is process based, and starts by hyper-seeing expressive possibilities in materials which are mainly wastes – the junk and the jettisoned, such as Cellulose materials, wood dust, wood scrap, waste paper, burnt beverage containers and automobile parts. Converting these wastes into works of art instills in me a feeling of reviving lost souls and restoring decayed environment which has suffered from socio cultural, religious and economic exploitations. These materials are inventively manipulated employing a formalist approach to create contemporary 3D still and animated sculptural pieces and installations.


My art basically consists of human and animal forms and some subjects with global appeal, such as football, shirts, and automobiles inspired by indigenous crafts, architecture, and tropical colours as seen in my immediate environment. My exploration of the sculpture genre as the bed rock of my creativity is inspired by a school of thought that argues that “there can be no meaningful future for African contemporary art without continuity in the plastic arts. My sculptures establish a relationship between contemporary 3d animated digital images from my roots (Benin and Igboukwu). I invite you to take a peep into my world of images and imagination.


Phillips Nzekwe

Studio artist, Akademik Studious of Arts Asaba, Nigeria